Most buildings have invested in a building automation system (BAS) to automate equipment and save energy. But, how do you know if the building’s equipment is running well, as a BAS does not analyze or report on equipment performance? BuildingLogiX™ Report Cards, is an application that compares the operation of each individual air handling unit, VAV box and terminal unit, through BAS trend data, to ASHRAE approved sequences of operation to optimize the mechanical equipment operation.

The application scores each piece of equipment in the categories of comfort, ventilation, and efficiency. Trends of the data driving the scores is available for review, as are suggestions for troubleshooting and correcting the operation.

Project Information

The commercial office building located at 5975 S. Quebec St. is operated by Cushman & Wakefield property managers. They hired Haynes Mechanical to install BuildingLogiX™ Report Cards in April of 2015, to reduce energy consumption and to reduce comfort complaints. The application communicated seamlessly with their existing Alerton/Tridium control system, and began retrieving and analyzing trend data immediately.

Upon the initial review of the equipment performance data, several no-cost energy saving changes were identified and implemented, such as AHU static pressure reset, and AHU optimal start/stop. Additionally, fifteen (15) of the building’s 176 VAV boxes and Fan Powered boxes were quickly and easily identified as having physical or control problems.

Upon correction of the identified terminal unit issues, comfort complaints from the tenants dropped by more than 70%. Additionally, the customer saw a significant decrease in their monthly utility charges.

Benefits of BuildingLogiX™ Report Cards

  • Identification of low-cost/no-cost operational changes for energy savings
  • Reduced energy use and utility costs
  • Quick identification of poor performing equipment for repair
  • Unlimited archive of trended historical data
  • Quarterly reporting on equipment performance and energy use

Download Report Card Case Study