This consisted of 18 air handling units, 2 Trane water chillers and web based controls. The total project cost was approximately $4,000,000.

At the completion of the project, we were awarded the preventative maintenance on the new system. While working with the system, Waibel was able to engage the efforts of our energy services team. Central Mutual Insurance had a long-standing energy spend that exceed $ 2.00 per sq. ft. Through the efforts of our team we were able to work with the existing control system to reduce the energy spend to around $1.10 per sq. ft. This savings totals nearly $250,000 per year.

We were recently instrumental in achieving an Energy Star recognition for the facility. Bill Purmort, President and Chairman of the Board at Central Mutual Insurance explained:

“It was surprising how quickly the energy conservation’s paid for themselves and all while making a positive impact on the environment”

Mr. Purmort expressed a strong interest in sustaining the EPA Energy Star rating of 93, looking at the possible installation of solar applications in the near future. In 2014 CMI celebrated $1,000,000 in energy savings.

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