As part of Parkway Schools energy service agreement their utility meters are monitored real time for conservation improvements. An additional service that Waibel provides is utility bill analysis. This is to verify that you are billed correctly and to be able to compare weather normalized usage as well as Utility billing and reading errors.

Utilizing the Waibel EnergyLogiX BDX real-time reporting tool and going back three months we were able to support the previous utility bill readings until the last bill. Gap verification confirmed that all things were operational and the last reading was correctly read according to real-time measurement. However, the real-time measurement data did not support the actual usage between the last two bill readings.

Waibel contacted the utility and could show evidence that something went wrong during the last reading. After the utility performed an internal audit they confirmed their data supported the real-time data that was collected during the last three billings.

A new reduced bill was re-issued showing credits of over $5,000!

The problem was an annual meter audit was performed a few days prior to the last bill reading and the technician did not reset the AMR reading after performing tests thus the meter reading used for billing was incorrect.

Waibel then contacted the gas supplier of the utility’s reported usage error. Parkway’s supplier contract usage had the potential of being outside their gas allotment and could have been charged a usage penalty. This one case could have gone unnoticed with an additional cost to Parkway of at least $4,600.00 dollars.

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