Real-Time Software

Our team is proud to offer TrendView which provides real-time data on building performance. This software has the ability to record data each minute from every building automation software point. TrendView allows the user to compare data over time in a user-friendly environment. This can be used as a diagnostic tool to determine mechanical flaws or programming issues.

Once the data has been recorded, it will be stored indefinitely on our secure cloud infrastructure or your privately hosted server. Storing the information this way allows end users to access the data from any device connected to the internet. This brings real-time building performance to the building operator, commissioning agent, energy engineer etc. Also, it provides a safeguard against data loss. Businesses that have a more complete history can use data to create trends and analysis. Therefore, it helps find the best solutions for energy savings.

Innovative Features

One exciting new feature is the drag and drop aspect which allows users to create a new view of their data. With multiple view options, businesses are given access to a comparison of data points which provides a more accurate idea of system performance. The collected data can also be used to gain insight on predicted energy costs and which systems should be adjusted in order to drive costs down.

A Perfect Pairing

BuildingLogiX’s partners benefit by being able to find critical information with real-time results that quickly and accurately finds issues within their infrastructure and systems. We recommend pairing this service with our building analytics tools which provide a single source for all building data. With this software, finding and addressing issues is more streamlined. Maintaining efficient systems not only helps lower operating costs but adds to the health and lifespan of critical systems. We even provide our customers with building and device level report cards which give our professional opinion on the state of their operations and suggestions for solutions.

The BuildingLogiX  team has the experience and training necessary to provide the most innovative and successful solutions. We strive to give our customers the most advanced and powerful tools in the market today. If you are seeking solutions for your high energy costs or inefficient operations, we can help! Give us a call today to find out more about TrendView, our building diagnostic tool.

Download TrendView PDF