The EnergyLogiX Tracker

EnergyLogiX provides a single source of data collection at the building, meter, and device level with multi-format display and reporting. The EnergyLogiX Tracker allows your company to measure and view in real time your critical building performance data. Data points include performance, consumption, and LEED project support. Users can choose which data points they want to analyze as well as scale the results from a single building to an entire campus. This easily scalable and user-friendly analytics allow companies to more accurately track their utility consumption and cost and more efficiently make decisions regarding operations.

The Weather Factor

Besides management’s ability to receive and react to building performance comparisons/analysis, users also benefit from the weather normalization of their energy. Here in Ohio, we understand that changes in weather can have dramatic effects on energy expenditures as well as energy costs. This software takes into account historical weather data in order to sustain a consistent environment year round. Additionally, users will be able to more accurately predict energy costs.

At BuildingLogiX we take the guess work out of your company’s energy management. We will work with your team to choose the best systems for your environment, install and maintain your equipment, and monitor your progress. Give us a call today to find out more about the benefits of real-time energy monitoring.

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