BDX is built on a platform that easily integrates to the Niagara building automation platform, allowing energy and building control data to be harvested and stored in a variety of database types, including Postgres, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle.

BDX provides the means to organize data from multiple buildings and integration projects. This allows for consistent analysis across buildings to gain valuable insights into energy use patterns and operational behaviors. That analysis helps identify opportunities for improving the operation of a building and reducing the spend on wasted energy, much of the time through cost avoidance measures. BDX facilitates the connection between your customers and your business, helping you to bring additional value to your customers.

BuildingLogiX(BDX) Overview

Features of the BuildingLogiX Data eXchange include:


EnergyLogiX is ideal as a measurement and verification tool, allowing you to observe the impact of changes in control strategies or equipment change-outs without having to wait until the next billing cycle. Track usage of electric and gas, as well as consumption of water, steam, compressed air, chilled water and more.

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Trendview has been a mainstay in the BDX suite. It allows the user to create custom views of any building data being trended by BDX. Consider it like a DVR for you building(s). You can use Trendview to see the changes in value over time for temperatures, valve positions, energy consumption and more.

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BasiX Profiles provide a means to bring consistent structure to a building’s data regardless of naming conventions. Once deployed, BasiX Profiles can be used in conjunction with the BDX Agent to export data from the Building Automation System to the BDX database.

Data Manager

It’s no secret that bad things can happen to a building’s equipment. Loss of network connectivity or improper set up can generate bad or lost data, making it hard to identify what really may have been going on. Without being a database expert, Data Manager will let you modify data over a period of time. Make these changes while attached to the system, or export a file that can be modified in Excel to import at a later time.

Custom Query Tool

The tool walks you through building your query and allows you to export the results to something like Excel for additional analysis.


Through the Report Wizard application in BDX, you can generate a variety of Scorecards around individual equipment types and Systems of equipment including Chillers, Boilers, Air Systems, and more.

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