This company handles everything from research and design to manufacturing and support. By taking control of each of these aspects, Neptronic ensures they are on the forefront of technology and can provide the best products for their customers. Their main goal is to provide residential, commercial, and industrial companies with comfortable and high-quality air products.

Proud Partnership

At BuildingLogiX, we are proud to partner with Neptronic as we sell their products. Their mission is in line with ours at BuildingLogiX. This company has many capabilities including distribution of products, engineering services, integration services, and professional services. Together, we can not only recommend which systems will best benefit your environment, but we will also provide training and analytics to help your team see which practices to use on which systems.

Exceptional Benefits

Neptronic delivers versatile reliability through its configurable control platform. These cost-effective and time-saving HVAC controls will provide you with real-time data and trending reports which are accessible through any connected device. Deciding which company to partner with for our products has been nothing short of an easy decision. Understanding the benefits of Neptronic’s products and their similarities to our processes at BuildingLogix made our choice a no-brainer. The Neptronic unit controllers have developed allow users to scale their data to measure the performance of a single unit or an entire campus. Providing users the ability to toggle through which data they want to analyze gives business owners more power and insight.

Once you receive the reports from your Neptronic unit controller, you are able to remotely troubleshoot the problems immediately. This allows companies to address any issue quickly and reduces the downtime spent digging for the root cause of the problem.

Impressive Selection

If the root of your issue is your humidifier, look no further. Our variety of Neptronic humidifiers reduces your business’ energy costs, creates a more pleasant environment, and integrates easily into your building management software. We are also experts in installing, maintaining, and repairing VAV systems which are a great alternative to traditional HVAC units.

In order to provide a complete solution, BuildingLogiX offers a wide variety of Neptronic products. Our selection of actuators are able to be securely mounted to multiple surfaces and are available in multiple sizes and makes. The variety is also shown in the actuated valves, of which we provide 2 and 3 way globe valves, butterfly valves, retro fit valves, and more. This innovative product line gives us the ability to service more businesses and ensure success to each company and situation we encounter.

A Team Approach

Our team is proud to consider Neptronic a partner as we appreciate their thorough knowledge of the industry and their successful product line. Our customers benefit from having a variety of options for HVAC controls and you can too! Call or click today to learn more about Neptronics building controls from BuildingLogiX!