High Quality, Dependable Products

BuildingLogiX strives to provide the most high-quality, dependable products for our customers. We are proud to be an authorized Honeywell distributor because we have seen the successful results these products have brought to our customers. Your building automation system will benefit from utilizing these highly awarded, open sourced controllers.

Our systems of unit controllers are enhanced by the open license Niagara software, which allows for customization and freedom in design.

BuildingLogix provides a variety of open licensed unit controllers for our partners and end user clients. What does open license mean? The devices can be accessed by and serviced by multiple vendors. Programming of unit controllers, system level controllers, and enterprise front end is all done thru a single engineering tool. No proprietary software is required to access, service, program, or commission the devices. If that sounds interesting we have the products that can help you create an open architecture Building Automation System.

We provide collections such as the Honeywell Spyder, a completely programmable series of unit controllers to meet complicated to simple applications in the connected building market. We also supply the Honeywell Stryker line of controllers that are configurable and more application specific. Both of these are supplied under our BUX line of unit controllers. In order to allow for the best communication with outside systems, either series of controllers can communicate via LON or BACnet. Also, these units are designed to be user-friendly. They are able to be programmed through a single engineering tool to increase efficiency and provide simple ways to control and adjust unit settings.

Honeywell’s reputable controllers have received recognition for their success:

  • 2016 ControlTrends Awards:
    • VAV Controller of the Year
    • The PID Award (Passion, Integrity, and Dedication)
    • Best Technical Support Person
  • 2016 Keep America Beautiful’s Vision for America Award
  • Outstanding Security Performance Awards: Outstanding Integrator/Solution Provider
  • GIT Security Magazine Awards: Safety & Security Management, Complete Solutions
  • Corporate Vision Magazine: Technology Innovator Award for Best Connected Technology Company
  • Facility Executive: 2016 Readers’ Choice Award Best in Energy Management and Security Solutions

Our team takes pride in making significant improvements to our customers’ operations. The Honeywell controllers we offer have been proven to be user friendly, long-lasting, and efficient. To learn more about how we can help you create a more open architecture in your facility, contact us today.