This type of software takes into account past building analytics and weather information in order to provide truly accurate results. Enterprise building analytics provide visibility into problems you would not typically know exist. This data can be used to find the root cause of problems and create a simpler way to fix them. With LON unit controllers and BACnet controllers from BuildingLogiX, you are offered convenient access, flexible application, easy installation, and expansion capability.

Adjustable Analytics

We are proud to provide building analytics platforms which can connect and control as little as an individual building and as great as entire campuses. We provide rules-based software analytics for VAV systems, RTU systems, chiller plants, boiler plants, and energy systems to help drive down cost and improve overall efficiency. Efficiency is improved through the reduction of energy expenditures and CO2 emissions and with the improvement of overall system health. This efficiency saves money for our partners by lowering operating costs and reducing system downtime.

Reputable Options

We know that not every business is alike. That is why our business provides a complete line of open architecture/supplies and multiple open BAS hardware solutions that can be fit to the specific needs of any building.  Providing more than just a single option allows business owners to find the right solutions for their environment and their budget. We have multiple partners who we work with to supply a variety of BACnet unit controllers and LON unit controllers:

  • EasyIO: Offers a simpler process for building automation which is a great solution for those seeking an upgrade rather than an overhaul.
  • Honeywell: Provides multiple reputable options, some of which have even won awards.
  • Neptronic: Specializes in working with multiple systems associated with comfort and air quality–globally recognized.

Certified Training

These hardware products are programmable to fit your business’ unique environmental needs and are configurable to your specifications. Our experienced team has the capabilities to work on design services, existing environments, and new construction. To help with implementation, we provide certified training both online and in-house for all hardware offered. And because our partners choose their own service providers after our project’s completion, we also provide technical support for both contractors and end users.

Trusted Partner

Our team at BuildingLogiX wants to partner with you to reduce your business’ emissions/expenditures and improve your overall environment. We have both customizable and turnkey solutions which help your business become more efficient and sustainable. Call us today and learn more about the benefits of our open architecture unit controllers.