HVAC systems can significantly impact products and their environment. BuildingLogiX has the capacity to provide, specify, and add sensors to any BAS system in order to deliver effective programming, improve mechanical performance, and reduce waste.

How HVAC Sensors Work

Utilizing HVAC sensors detects whether or not your space is occupied and if the levels of CO2, air pressure, and humidity are appropriate. This measurement allows you to develop a plan to adjust the levels in the room accordingly. Other sensors measure the amount of current, the dew point level, and the amount of outdoor air intake. This may seem like a lot of measurements to keep track of, but we have the building automation technology to make this process easy! We utilize wireless transmitters which automatically measure data and transmit it to a receiver where it is then logged.

Reduce Downtime

EasyEnergy is a data center automation platform designed to deliver real-time data analysis around critical environment conditions impacting control strategies and sterile/safe monitoring for compliance. This platform allows users to analyze data for each system or an entire campus and incorporates both past data and weather information. Being able to scale and incorporate different data points provides the most accurate reports and predictions. Users can use this information to find the root of any problem, which in turn reduces downtime and also suggests ways to quickly make any necessary adjustments. Users can also enjoy advanced programming which gives them the opportunity to focus on what matters most: their business.

Secure Your Environment

Our inventory of sensors can help businesses perform other tasks as well. BuildingLogiX provides access to reliable wireless and hardwired sensors to fulfill automation requirements. This allows businesses to gain accurate information on their current stock and plan ahead. We also have the capabilities to work with secure data centers, as we can provide automated security and environmental controls. We are proud to offer such a wide variety of products and services that interact with distribution specialists, IT companies, engineering firms, and more.

Our Team Can Help

The team at BuildingLogiX has the experience and training to help you create a more efficient and comfortable environment. We will work alongside your team to create the best plan for your business’ operations and sustainability. Give us a call today to learn more about different sensors and how they work with building automation!