Why Use Energy Meters?

The first step in making improvements to your building automation system is by measuring its current performance. If you’re running a business, you know that you should always seek improvement and growth. Therefore, it is important to keep a constant measurement of your systems. Energy meters continue to be a tool required to identify where energy is wasted, but it is important to also utilize tools which allow for a comprehensive building-wide analysis and control.

EasyEnergy Insights

BuildingLogiX can provide a connection to meters in a variety of ways – communication protocol (IP, Serial), pulse output, radio frequency reader, and wireless pulse counters. This variety allows our clients to choose which measurements will give them the best insights. One way to view these insights is through EasyEnergy. EasyEnergy is a preconfigured platform that connects electric, gas, and water meters for the purpose of visibility and strategy which in turn can help us find ways to help you eliminate wasted energy consumption and save you money.

These insights will be available to any device connected to the internet and can be scaled to measure the output of a single unit or an entire campus. Users also have the ability to compare against past data and to incorporate weather information into their analysis. Being able to compare buildings and zones against each other will give you the information you need to allocate resources, identify problem systems and areas, and lower expenditures.

Committed Partners

BuildingLogiX has the capability to tackle any energy challenge and the partnerships to help provide quality products. These partners are world renowned and ensure our customers’ satisfaction. Our team utilizes products from the following partners:

  • Dent
  • Senva
  • Itron
  • Badger Meter

Our team at BuildingLogiX has the experience and training to help your business create a more sustainable and efficient environment. Not only can we help ensure your current systems are healthy and performing, but we can also help set you on the path to future success. BuildingLogiX has helped a variety of small to medium sized companies gain insight on their current expenditures and control of their entire infrastructure. Call today to learn how we can help to monitor energy usage across all buildings and loads.

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