Find the Best Solution for You

BuildingLogix provides multiple building control solutions in order to adapt to each customer’s unique needs. These unit controllers and devices can connect to and be programmed by the same engineering tool as the front end. This provides the most choice and flexibility for the end user within the lifetime of their facility.

Each of the controls we offer is able to utilize Niagara hardware which is the most open architecture and software licensing in the Building Automation market today. We are proud to offer our customers IOT hardware products including building meters, building sensors, and unit controls from the following reputable companies:

  • EasyIO: This European company manages energy with their controller that can be easily combined with our software solutions and multiple systems. This affordable solution is stored via the cloud.
  • Tridium’s Vykon: These products are designed with the Niagara framework in mind. They provide a “truly open solution” that seamlessly combines with our software.
  • Neptronic: Since 1976, this company has designed, manufactured, and distributed a selection of industry leading HVAC controls, electric actuators, actuated valves, humidifiers, and electric heaters.
  • Honeywell: With reputable and award-winning controls, you can trust that these products will seamlessly integrate and provide accurate measurements.
  • Dent Instruments: With over 25 years of experience in the industry, this company offers hardware that provides test and management, building sub-metering, and current sensors.
  • Senva: In order to provide more thorough analytics, this company provides hardware including CO2 indoor air quality meters, current sensors and transducers, energy meters, humidity meters, pressure meters, toxic gas monitors, transformers, and water detectors.
  • Ideal: These wireless transmitters have unparalleled lifespans and their CO2 sensors are self-calibrating.

You can trust our team to provide honest and educated recommendations on which hardware your business will benefit from. We have experience working with a variety of building types and delivering customized and unique solutions. This has allowed us to witness the increased efficiency and cost savings that these solutions bring to businesses. If you would like to learn more about our capabilities or which solutions we would suggest for you, give us a call today!