Making Hospitals Environmentally Friendly

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How Hospitals Can Become More Environmentally Friendly

Here at BuildingLogiX, we understand the significant affect that your building’s operations have on your environment and your budget. With so many patients, staff, and guests utilizing your facility, there are strenuous energy requirements each day. It is our goal to help you create an environment that is high functioning, affordable, meets compliance standards and environmentally friendly. Following these steps will reduce your medical facility’s impact on the environment, improving your corporate culture and bringing you numerous other benefits.

Reduce energy expenditure

Upgrading your machines and fixtures will create an immediate and significant environmental improvement. From heating and cooling to lighting, modern technology creates a much more sustainable and high performing environment without requiring as much energy. Additionally, many hospital facilities are choosing to connect these machines in order to create a “smart” environment. This includes motion sensors which trigger lighting and temperature control and creates a single control point for all utilities.

Provide Better Facilities

One of the easiest ways to improve environmental impact is to educate employees on the impacts of their decisions. Training employees on how to do things such as conserving water and recycling correctly will save your business time and money. As with any process, involving your team members leads to more successful and long-lasting results.

Consume Less Water

Whether they are visiting for an appointment or staying for an extended period of time, your facility requires a lot of water to maintain operations and cleanliness. We recommend investing in toilets, sinks, dishwashers, and if applicable, laundry machines that are high efficiency. Modern laundry and dishwashing machines not only use less water, but they produce more customizable and sanitary results.

Utilize Green Chemicals

We understand that in a healthcare environment, safety and cleanliness are the top priorities. It is important to have a set cleaning process in place but using harsh chemicals isn’t necessary to maintaining a sanitary environment. We recommend utilizing “green” chemicals because they are less harsh on the physical environment and the staff, patients, and guests who utilize cleaned areas.

Whether you are implementing one of these initiatives or all of them, your healthcare business will achieve multiple benefits. Your community will appreciate your furthered environmental commitment and your business will enjoy more predictable and affordable energy bills. To learn more about our experience with hospitals or to see how we can help you transform your hospital’s facility, contact us today.